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The MusicFile, now based in Savannah, roars back to life with a fresh Southern edge

From The MusicFile:
“Welcome to our beta version of the re-vamped MusicFile. Over the past two years, we’ve moved from New York City to beautiful Savannah,Ga., started a music festival called Savannah Stopover that takes place the weekend before SXSW each March (you need to come down for this!), launched a concert promotion and event business and in the process of all that, have sorely neglected our first born~~The MusicFile.”

this mountain – The Jinx – 12/01/12

I’m thrilled to hear that this mountain is headed back to The Jinx on December 1st, and I just hope they have the same kind of crowd that they had last time.

Tav Falco and the Panther Burns + Dex Romweber Duo and Jackals – Dollhouse Studios – 10/20/12

This should be a really great show — one of the first official events at Dollhouse Studios at 980 Industry Drive in West Savannah. Produced by Dollhouse Productions and Safe//Sound.

Dinosaur Feathers / Shark? / General Oglethorpe and the Panhandlers – The Jinx – 10/04/12

I thoroughly enjoyed Dinosaur Feathers’ set at the Stopover, which was especially dramatic under the live oaks of Telfair Square.

Savannah’s first encounter with a great band from Johnson City, Tennessee: this mountain

Most of the cyclists in the Midnight Garden Ride only heard a couple songs of this mountain’s fine set, but it was sure a memorable musical experience for me — one of those times when I know virtually nothing about a band and then, the moment they start playing, I immediately feel like I’m listening to a story told by a long lost friend.

Midnight Garden Ride — bicycling and music amidst the evening beauty of Savannah (photos)

I didn’t ride the Savannah Bicycle Campaign‘s Midnight Garden Ride on Saturday evening, but I sure enjoyed the event and support the broader cause of safe cycling in Savannah.

What is the Savannah sound?

In a post last week, Savannah Red asked, “What Is The Savannah Sound?”

Ponderosa / this mountain – Telfair Square – 09/01/12

Some great music booked for the Savannah Bicycle Campaign’s 4th Annual Midnight Garden Ride.

Modern Skirts and The District Attorneys at The Jinx in Savannah (photos)

Two great indie rock bands from Athens played The Jinx on Friday night in another show produced by Savannah Stopover.

Modern Skirts / The District Attorneys – The Jinx – 06/08/12

Another entry in Savannah Stopover’s excellent year-round series.

Weekend shows highlight strengths, weaknesses of Savannah live music scene (lots of photos)

I haven’t been teaching this past week, so I’ve been going out a little more than usual. On the advice of a friend, I checked out Les Racquet at Live Wire Music Hall on Thursday night. A really talented trio…

Savannah Stopover – Various Venues – 03/07/13

I’ll make periodic updates to this post as additional dates and info become available.

Click here for my final take on the 2012 Stopover, including lots of photos.

New videos from Oberhofer and Each Other — two bands from Savannah Stopover opening night

On opening night of last month’s Savannah Stopover, the featured band was Oberhofer — they performed a great set under the live oaks in Telfair Square and then again considerably later at The Jinx. Since appearing in Savannah, they’ve appeared…

In praise of Savannah’s “Music March”

There was a time when it was routine — almost mandatory it seemed — for Savannahians to complain about “nothing going on.” Hard to make that argument anymore.