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Savannah Stopover preview: Chelsea Light Moving (new band with Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore) — 3 new live videos

I certainly don’t have anything pithy to say about Thurston Moore of the now legendary Sonic Youth or his new band Chelsea Light Moving that hasn’t already been said.

So I’ll just add that booking Moore and company is a major coup for the Savannah Stopover, which is about to celebrate only its third festival.

Check out these three live videos posted just last week by Matador Records and reposted by Pitchfork:

Savannah Stopover preview: The Last Bison

From the bio on The Last Bison website: Ben Hardesty doesn’t look the part of a rock star as he navigates a rickety tractor through the sprawling ranch where he grew up and fell in love with music. On the…

Savannah Stopover preview: Field Report

Well this is sure some beautiful music in this post. In these days of Bandcamp embeds and digital albums, there’s a lot less emphasis on reading lyrics than they’re used to be in the age of albums. But Field Report’s…

Voting continues for Savannah Stopover’s band poster competition

Click here to see the ten entries selected as finalists in Savannah Stopover’s band poster competition. Voting continues until March 6 at 6 p.m. According to the Stopover, online voting will account for 1/3 of the final decision, which will…

Savannah Stopover preview: Triathalon

I’ve written pretty regularly about Triathalon since first hearing the band in early 2012, and I’m thrilled that Savannah Stopover has given them a prime slot at this year’s festival, playing after Beach Day and before Dent May at Hang Fire on Saturday, March 9.

The surf-soul-rock band recently completed a 3-song EP at the newish Dollhouse Productions here in Savannah — Triathalon’s Stopover gig will also be a release party for that EP.

Savannah Stopover preview: this mountain

With an indie rock sensibility, gorgeous harmonies, and an intense combination of strings — including banjo, cello, and electric guitar — this mountain resists any easy categorization.

Savannah Stopover preview: Roadkill Ghost Choir

Roadkill Ghost Choir’s music isn’t as dark and strange as the band’s name, but on multiple listens I’ve been almost transfixed by the gritty, southernishness to the rock and roll, combined with some almost ethereal flourishes. The band from Deland…

Savannah Stopover preview: Eric Britt

The Savannah Stopover’s focus is on touring indie rockers headed to SXSW in Austin the following weekend, but there’s a good dose of local music too, from a variety of genres.

Among this year’s local acts is Eric Britt, whose thoughtful, passionate album Greener was released last fall.

In Greener pastures for Eric Britt, Connect Savannah’s Bill DeYoung wrote in part:

Savannah Stopover releases details for free Forsyth Park concert featuring of Montreal

Savannah Stopover today released the final details about the Forsyth Park concert on Friday, March 8 with of Montreal and Royal Canoe.

Savannah Stopover preview: Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires

“The Glory Fires learned to construct music in the churches of their childhoods, and learned to destroy it in the punk clubs of their youths.”

Savannah Stopover preview: Stop Light Observations

Despite the facts that Stop Light Observations is based just up the road in Charleston and has over 17,600 fans on Facebook, I first listened to the band just a few weeks ago after they were announced for the Stopover.

How did I miss such a great sound for so long?

Savannah Stopover preview: Mac DeMarco

I don’t know if anything special will happen at 1 a.m. — or more likely a little later — on the night of Thursday, March 7 when Mac DeMarco takes the stage at The Jinx, but even a mundane DeMarco appearance is likely to be memorable.

Savannah Stopover preview: Little Tybee

The band might have all sorts of sordid desires on the side, but the years traveling the world seem to have brought a deeper and deeper appreciation of the world’s wonders. That’s at least the impression I have after seeing the beautiful, delicately wrought video of the title track from the upcoming album For Distant Viewing.

The Blue Indian posts its Savannah Stopover 2013 preview

The Georgia-based music site The Blue Indian has posted a newsy and entertaining “Guide to Savannah Stopover 2013“.