Midnight Garden Ride — bicycling and music amidst the evening beauty of Savannah (photos)

I didn’t ride the Savannah Bicycle Campaign‘s Midnight Garden Ride on Saturday evening, but I sure enjoyed the event and support the broader cause of safe cycling in Savannah.

While the cyclists were making their way back to Telfair Square, this mountain — a great bluegrass influenced rock band from Johnson City — played in Telfair Square. By the time the ride was completed and folks were filling up the VIP tables, chatting about the ride, enjoying New Belgium beer, and generally enjoying the pleasant but humid evening, the band Ponderosa was on stage.

The Atlanta-based Ponderosa has recently released a critically praised new album Pool Party and have a sound that took on special resonance under the live oaks of Telfair Square, with the Telfair Academy, Trinity UMC, and the Jepson Center — buzzing with some sort of special event — in the background.

The music was programmed by Savannah Stopover, which — as one would expect — made great booking choices. Capital A Productions did a great job with sound and staging.

So I don’t really have any photos of the ride itself, but here’s a taste of the rest of the event.

this mountain played a latenight set at The Jinx. I took so many photos that I’m saving those for their own post.

Click here for an album of photos by Geoff L. Johnson on the Savannah Stopover Facebook page.


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