Savannah’s first encounter with a great band from Johnson City, Tennessee: this mountain

this mountain was brought to town by Savannah Stopover to open for Ponderosa under the majestic oaks in Telfair Square at the end of the Savannah Bicycle Campaign’s Midnight Garden Ride (click here for more on the event).

Most of the cyclists only heard a couple songs of this mountain’s fine set, but it was sure a memorable musical experience for me — one of those times when I know virtually nothing about a band and then, the moment they start playing, I immediately feel like I’m listening to a story told by a long lost friend.

The six members (Matt Martin, Zach Chandley, Patrick Taylor, Andrew Gibbens, Taylor Green, and Cody Ledford) then schlepped their gear over to The Jinx, where they played a long, rousing show for a big Labor Day weekend crowd. The set could have been a little tighter, but there were some mic issues, a broken string, some extra required tuning — the occasional pauses didn’t take away any of the crowd’s enthusiasm.

this mountain, which has only been playing together since 2010, describes its sound as “folk-rock”, but I don’t know if that’s the best label.

I’ve taken a lot of photos at The Jinx, and as usual I didn’t really have adequate lighting conditions to get consistently good shots of all the band members. Sorry! But three members of the six-piece band were lined up just about perfectly for composition — and their interactions made for some great visuals.

Click here to find this mountain on Facebook.

Click here for this mountain’s Bandcamp page.

And here you can sample that album, future ghost:

I’m certainly hoping to catch this mountain again soon.

Since so many of these look similar at this size, I’d suggest clicking for larger versions and then scrolling through with the directional arrows on your keyboard. I just love how the band members seem physically connected in some of these.

The first few are in Telfair Square, and then we move to The Jinx:

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