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Savannah Stopover preview: Grimes’ upcoming album “Visions” now streaming at NPR

Click here to launch the NPR player to hear Grimes’ Visions in its entirety.

Here’s the video for “Vanessa” from a previous album:

Grimes – Vanessa (Arbutus/Hippos and Tanks 2011) from Grimes69 on Vimeo.

Some clips of the latest bands added to the Savannah Stopover lineup

Girl in a Coma with a great cover of “Walkin’ After Midnight”:

Check out new video from Savannah Stopover favorite Country Mice

Here’s “Morning Son”:

Check out new track “HEART” from Oberhofer, the band headlining the Stopover kickoff on March 7

Pitchfork calls “HEART”, the opening track on the upcoming album Time Capsules II, “grandiose”, but I think that word has too many negative connotations.

Here it is:
HEART – Oberhofer by Glassnotemusic

Open the post for more.

Savannah Stopover announces over 40 bands in 2012 festival lineup, more to come

It’s an exciting day for Savannah music lovers! I’ll have a lot more to say in the coming weeks about some of the acts booked for the 2nd annual Savannah Stopover, slated for March 7-10. There obviously will be a…

Savannah Stopover announces key dates, new logo, new Facebook page

There’s not a lot of final news in this post, but I thought some of you would be interested in some of the information in an email this afternoon from Savannah Stopover founder and CEO Kayne Lanahan.

Savannah Stopover preview: Grimes and Born Gold

Here’s Grimes with “Vanessa”:

Grimes – Vanessa (Arbutus/Hippos and Tanks 2011) from Grimes69 on Vimeo.

Live in 2011: 13 new bands on my life’s soundtrack

I didn’t keep a log of the live music that I saw in 2011, but I’m guessing that I saw around 150 shows. Many of those were Savannah-based acts that I’ve seen before, including Damon and the Shitkickers, Dare Dukes…

Savannah Stopover Festival – Various Venues – 03/07/12

The 2012 Savannah Stopover Festival is scheduled for March 7th through 10th. This will be the second installment of the festival, which proved wildly successful in its first year. I made a lot of posts tagged “Savannah Stopover”, which you…

Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three – Ships of the Sea Museum – 11/17/11

Another fun and interesting offering presented by Savannah Stopover. Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three will be in the garden at the Ships of the Sea Museum on MLK (near Bryan Street). Here’s the press release from the Ships…

Pics of Milagres and Peter Wolf Crier from last week’s great gig at Live Wire

Milagres played here during the Savannah Stopover, but I only caught a couple of their songs at the end of the gig. So I’m thrilled to have heard their full set last week — another in the Stopover’s monthly series…

Milagres / Peter Wolf Crier – Live Wire Music Hall – 10/05/11

Linda Sickler on this gig in the Savannah Morning News: Popular Savannah Stopover band Milagres returns and brings Peter Wolf Crier I only caught a couple of songs of Milagres when they played the Savannah Stopover, so I’m really looking…

Astronautalis announces tour to promote soon-to-be released “This is Our Science”

We’ve had some great shows in Savannah in 2011 — and it’s far from over. One of the highlights of my year is certainly the Savannah Stopover gig by Astronautalis in March at The Wormhole. Some sound issues led Astronautalis…

New track from upcoming Astronautalis album: “Dmitri Mendeleev”

One of my favorite acts of last March’s inaugural Savannah Stopover was Astronautalis — the hip-hop artist originally from Jacksonville who isn’t afraid to mix genres. There were some audio issues at his gig, but I loved the show. My…