New videos from Oberhofer and Each Other — two bands from Savannah Stopover opening night

On opening night of last month’s Savannah Stopover, the featured band was Oberhofer — they performed a great set under the live oaks in Telfair Square and then again considerably later at The Jinx.

Since appearing in Savannah, they’ve appeared on Letterman and released their first full-length album, Time Capsules II.

Now they’ve released an apt video for their hit “Away Frm U”:

In a late addition to the Stopover, Each Other — a Canadian trio — ended up opening for Oberhofer at The Jinx. They’ve got a great new video at Southern Souls, with the band performing live in a hallway — such a unique sound:

I took a bunch of photos on opening night. I just got a couple of Each Other, but I have tons of Oberhofer. Those can be seen in my Stopover recap.