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Reminder: find coverage of Savannah music scene at hissing lawns

Well about 900 people now like the Savannah-based music blog hissing lawns on Facebook and over 200 people are following hissing lawns on Twitter. (hissing lawns takes its name from the great song and album by Joni Mitchell, The Hissing of Summer Lawns.)
I started the blog with a handful of other live music enthusiasts back in September, and we’re thrilled by how successful so far. I’m especially proud of the quality of hissing lawns’ photo galleries, featuring work by Tom Cartmel, Petee Worrell, Jon Waits, and me.

But we’d like to see the blog continue to grow. So if you’re interested in the Savannah music scene please check out the blog and take a second to follow on Twitter and/or on Facebook. Savannah is a pretty small media market, which makes driving traffic to a specialty blog pretty difficult. So sharing content would be much appreciated too. We’re also on the lookout for additional contributors.

Year-end roundups of the Savannah music scene at hissing lawns

I started the blog hissing lawns back in September because I thought the local Savannah music scene needed more coverage. And I thought that local writers and photographers needed another platform for posting about regional and national acts. I always…

Savannah Unplugged’s 13 most popular posts of 2013

Savannah Unplugged is almost three years old, but sometimes it seems a lot older than that . . . I haven’t been posting quite as much here in recent months since I launched the music blog hissing lawns, but this…

A few blogging updates, i.e., where are the music posts?

If you’re wondering why I haven’t said anything here about last weekend’s Revival Fest, there are two reasons:

1. My Unplugged column in Thursday’s Do gives a bit of a review and recap of the spectacular event.
2. I’ve made several posts of photos to hissing lawns, the music blog that I got off the ground less than two weeks ago.

A new Savannah-based music blog: hissing lawns

For several years now, I’ve been telling friends, former students, and various acquaintances that they should start a Savannah-centric music blog. Every one of those people seems to agree with me that we need not just one but probably several…

A thank you to readers of Connect Savannah

A sincere thank you to the readers of Connect Savannah for voting me best local columnist and best local blogger in the alt weekly’s annual Best of Savannah poll. I’ve been fortunate to win best local columnist for a number…

Thoughts on Instagram and some other blog updates

If you are interested in keeping up with this blog more regularly, you have two best options:
1. Subscribe with your email. You can do that in the right sidebar. (Over there ——>>>>)
2. Like Savannah Unplugged on Facebook. After clicking “Like”, hover your cursor over the word and you’ll see a menu that includes “Get Notifications”. Click on that too, and you’ll literally get a little red notification every time that Facebook page has a new post — generally just a couple per day.

The best political blogs in Georgia: Peach Pundit and Georgia Tip Sheet

I started contributing to Peach Pundit in summer 2012. Given my relatively slow pace of posting in recent weeks, I’m a bit surprised to see that I’ve made about 70 posts since joining the team of 14 contributors, most of…

Andrew Sullivan and The Dish part with Daily Beast, seek paying members for ad-free content

Will gregarious online readers get used to the idea of tiny monthly payments to some of the sites they value most highly? I’m guessing that Sullivan has forged a big enough name and readership that this will work for him. I’m just not sure how long the coattails will be for smaller sites and blogs.

More thoughts on making connections to nurture a city (or, hey, I’ve got a blog)

Jake’s work here has included lots of networking efforts behind the scenes, but he has also written columns every two weeks for the Savannah Morning News and has overseen The Creative Coast’s excellent blog, which has included many guest posts.

The sum of these efforts has been to point out positive, sometimes progressive, sometimes unfamiliar developments to the broader community.

Interested in advertising on this blog?

For several months now, I’ve had just two direct advertisers on this blog: Melaver/McIntosh and Cindy Rents Savannah. Both businesses seem pleased with the exposure that they’re getting for $20 per month.

If you click on the squares at the top of the right sidebar (over there >>>>>>>), you can go directly to those businesses’ websites.

A few blogging updates — readership, photos, community needs, ad sales, Peach Pundit, other issues

Should this blog have more contributors? Why doesn’t anyone buy ads? Why don’t we have more local music bloggers?

Bank failures and scandals, state revenue, T-SPLOST, tax credits for filmmakers — a roundup of my recent Peach Pundit posts

Regular readers will know that since June I’ve been a regular contributor (2-3 posts per week) to Peach Pundit, the most important political blog in Georgia.

A few blog updates . . .

New posts at Peach Pundit, a new tumblr page, still looking for advertisers, plus a little other information and a few links.