The best political blogs in Georgia: Peach Pundit and Georgia Tip Sheet

I started contributing to Peach Pundit in summer 2012.

Given my relatively slow pace of posting in recent weeks, I’m a bit surprised to see that I’ve made about 70 posts since joining the team of 14 contributors, most of whom are based in the Atlanta area.

The front page of Peach Pundit stays pretty lively, with multiple posts every weekday. There’s a rightward lean to the blog, for sure, but the site provides indispensable information and vibrant commentary about Georgia politics.

While there’s obviously some national political commentary that creeps in, the emphasis is on the state.

Today, unsurprisingly, Chris Cillizza’s blog The Fix at The Washington Post once again listed Peach Pundit as the top political blog in Georgia.

Peach Pundit shares the honor with Georgia Tip Sheet, which is also a great resource (even if it has far fewer posts per day on average).

If you take a look at Peach Pundit, consider that we are writing for free. We all might have some reason to engage in self-promotion, but it’s hard to see how any PR benefits could match the time that gets put into posts. The contributors to blogs like Peach Pundit are actually interested in public policies that will improve the quality of life for the state’s residents.

Congrats to Peach Pundit editor Charlie Harper, as well as assistant editors Mike Hassinger, Buzz Brockway, and Stefan Turkheimer; publisher Clayton Wagar; and editor emeritus Erick Erickson.