A few blogging updates, i.e., where are the music posts?

If you’re wondering why I haven’t said anything here about last weekend’s Revival Fest, there are two reasons:

1. My Unplugged column in Thursday’s Do gives a bit of a review and recap of the spectacular event.
2. I’ve made several posts of photos to hissing lawns, the music blog that I got off the ground less than two weeks ago.

hissing lawns (named in honor of Joni Mitchell, which was obvious to some of you) already has four regular contributors, with several more on the way. Right now, you can read posts about two weekend shows that I didn’t even know about until the last couple of days. Tomorrow we’ll be posting something about a Friday show that we just found out about this week too.

And that in a nutshell is why the Savannah music scene needs a blog like hissing lawns. The local newspapers are generally working a week or more ahead on their music coverage, but many venues and performers don’t get the word out about upcoming gigs until literally a few days ahead of time. And sometimes we as music fans don’t even want to read an article about a band — we just want a couple of clips of video or audio. Blogs are good for short bursts of information that don’t necessarily warrant more in-depth coverage.

I don’t know quite what this means for the music coverage that I used to put here on Savannah Unplugged. I’m sure I’ll continue to cover some music news here, like the Savannah Music Festival, but the reality is that many of my posts here about little-known bands or with photos of big (at least to me) shows got relatively little traffic. We’ll see.

In other news, I’ve been sending out occasional Savannah Unplugged newsletters via MailChimp with links to the most recent posts plus some additional commentary. I will not be sending these more than once a week. Your email is visible to me but I will never use it for another purpose. These newsletters are pretty easy to do and a couple of good friends have expressed appreciation for them, so I’ll keep at it for the time being. You can sign up using the form embedded in the right sidebar >>>>>>>

Cheers, Bill