Year-end roundups of the Savannah music scene at hissing lawns

I started the blog hissing lawns back in September because I thought the local Savannah music scene needed more coverage. And I thought that local writers and photographers needed another platform for posting about regional and national acts.

I always half-heartedly tried to cultivate other contributors to this blog that you’re reading now, but no connections have ever taken hold.

But, from its very inception, hissing lawns has required and attracted other voices.

So, if you’re interested in reading a lot more about the Savannah scene in 2013, check out hissing lawns’ year-end posts by Petee Worrell, Anna Chandler, Kayne Lanahan of MusicFile Productions, Tom Cartmel, and Larry Jack, who saw 626 performances venues in 2013. I also made a year-end post.

Murder By Death at The Jinx's 10th anniversary in October 2013

Murder By Death at The Jinx’s 10th anniversary in October 2013