A few blog updates . . .

I have a new post up at Peach Pundit:
Jobs recovery: A tale of two Georgias, part 2

That’s a followup to last week’s post:
Jobs recovery: A tale of two Georgias

In those posts, I look at the payroll jobs estimates and the civilian labor force estimates for metro areas across the state. The pretty clear picture that emerges is that Atlanta and environs are seeing pretty solid job growth, but other areas — most notably Savannah, Augusta, and Dalton — are seeing continued year-over-year job losses.

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I have been experimenting for a while with various ways of presenting some of my ongoing photography. As regular readers might know, I have a cheap DSLR body with a very good lens that I’ve been taking along with me — especially for some of the great bands coming through town. Recent photo posts include G. Love & Special Sauce, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, These United States, and the SEAM Fashion Show at Brockington Hall. Sometime later today, I’ll be posting some pics of last night’s gig by American Aquarium at The Jinx.

Anyway, I have a couple of boards up on Pinterest, but I also decided that I will be posting some photos, many with links to the appropriate post on this blog, on a new tumblr page. It has taken me longer than I would have thought to get the knack for how the kids interact on tumblr. Still, I like the various template options and I just personally like the effect of being able to see pictures from so many events and places in one glance. If you’re interested, click here for my tumblr.

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