Reminder: find coverage of Savannah music scene at hissing lawns

Well about 900 people now like the Savannah-based music blog hissing lawns on Facebook and over 200 people are following hissing lawns on Twitter. (hissing lawns takes its name from the great song and album by Joni Mitchell, The Hissing of Summer Lawns.)

I started the blog with a handful of other live music enthusiasts back in September, and we’re thrilled by how successful so far. I’m especially proud of the quality of hissing lawns’ photo galleries, featuring work by Tom Cartmel, Petee Worrell, Jon Waits, and me.

But we’d like to see the blog continue to grow. So if you’re interested in the Savannah music scene please check out the blog and take a second to follow on Twitter and/or on Facebook. Savannah is a pretty small media market, which makes driving traffic to a specialty blog pretty difficult. So sharing content would be much appreciated too. We’re also on the lookout for additional contributors.