Savannah Stopover preview: Little Tybee

Some bands hit the road hoping to get drunk, get laid, and get home without the van breaking down.

Then there’s Little Tybee.

The band might have all sorts of sordid desires on the side, but the years traveling the world seem to have brought a deeper and deeper appreciation of the world’s wonders.

That’s at least the impression I have after seeing the beautiful, delicately wrought video of the title track from the upcoming album For Distant Viewing.

The previous albums Humorous to Bees and Building a Bomb attracted rave reviews and established the band’s rich chamber pop sound — although “pop” feels a little wrong there.

From the band’s website:

It has been a crazy two years since our last release and we are really excited to finally announce the release of Little Tybee’s third studio album, For Distant Viewing on April 9, 2013 via Paper Garden Records.

We have traveled through multiple countries with joy and trepidation constantly challenging the direction of our smiles. We have lived, learned and embraced the value of the ‘band on the road’ lifestyle and with that acceptance, we have matured creatively, emotionally, existentially and musically in more ways than we could ever have imagined. We realize that our dreams are propelled solely by the love and support you, our fans, have for our creations. We are truly honored to be the soundtrack to the chosen moments of your lives. We create for you, and because of you, and now we will do our very best to play our music to you wherever you may be.

akorn-rz67nc400-littletybee0411jpg-0005 (1)From Savannah Stopover:

As the name implies, Little Tybee hail from coastal Georgia, and have a solid following throughout the lowcountry. While their sound is a bit too eclectic to classify, they’ve been compared to such bands as Grizzly Bear, Dr. Dog, Fleet Foxes, Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens and The Morning Benders. They’ve been mainstays of SXSW since 2011, and have toured with such acts as Kishi Bashi, Sondre Lerche, GIVERS, Man Man, Reptar and The Love Language.

Given the ties that the band members have to Savannah, it’s no surprise that I’ve seen them innumerable times here. But I didn’t catch them at either the 2011 or 2012 Stopover, so was glad to see that they’re playing an early gig with very little other competition for attendees’ attention. According the current schedule, Little Tybee will be playing at 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 9 at the Congress Street Social Club.

Here’s “For Distant Viewing”:

This isn’t the first time Little Tybee has created a video that seems to mesh the lyrics so beautifully with natural imagery. Check out this stunning vid for “I Wonder Which House the Fish Will Live In”:

Little Tybee – “I Wonder Which House The Fish Will Live In” from Little Tybee on Vimeo.

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