The Blue Indian posts its Savannah Stopover 2013 preview

The Georgia-based music site The Blue Indian has posted a newsy and entertaining “Guide to Savannah Stopover 2013“.

From that post by Sean Pritchard:

Savannah Stopover is back! Not that we weren’t expecting it to return, we’re just incredibly excited for a festival offers one of the best lineups in the region. Last year was a blur, but a good kind of blur. What’s not to love about a bunch of bars and venues in downtown Savannah offering live music for three days straight under one low ticket price? Not to mention that they’ve managed to land of Montreal, Chelsea Light Moving (Thurston Moore), The Whigs, Merchandise, Ducktails, Dent May, Turbo Fruits, Ben Sollee, and dozens and dozens more act within a short three day period. Pretty amazing for a festival only in its third year… Oh, and you don’t even have to buy a ticket to see of Montreal…

You can call it the poor man’s SXSW (I had no idea those tickets were that expensive…), but Stopover lacks nothing in quality and quantity. Last year, the streets were packed with fans from around the South East, and with the addition of a number of new venues, sets from Ponderosa, Bronze Radio Return, Little Tybee etc. etc., I wouldn’t be surprised if the festival makes some serious national press.

The piece mentions at least a couple of dozen acts by name (I lost count) with a suggested but very loose itinerary that acknowledges all the tough choices.

Triathalon gets a shout-out from The Blue Indian

Triathalon gets a shout-out from The Blue Indian

Given the proximity of this year’s primary Stopover venues — most are within a block or two of the intersection of Barnard and Congress — I hope folks will feel freer to wander, to really buy in to the idea of discovery. That’s an idea that came up in a freelance feature that I wrote about Stopover for Georgia Music Magazine. More on that if/when the article is posted on the web.

Click here for the full lineup.