Savannah Stopover preview: The Last Bison

From the bio on The Last Bison website:

Ben Hardesty doesn’t look the part of a rock star as he navigates a rickety tractor through the sprawling ranch where he grew up and fell in love with music. On the edge of The Great Dismal Swamp, Hardesty developed his spirit of adventure, and passion for doing things a bit differently. His father, Dan gave him a guitar when he was two, and later told him, “It doesn’t matter if you play it right, just make it sound good!” Not the typical teaching method, but then again, The Last Bison is anything but typical.The seven-member ensemble led by Ben has seemingly risen from the marshes of southeastern Virginia to captivate the national music scene with a rare blend of folk that is poetically steeped in classical influences.

Check out this excellent piece by Jason Kendall, editor of Do in the Savannah Morning News: From a Virginia swamp to Savannah’s urban forest, The Last Bison wander.

The band has a such a rich sound that comparisons to the likes of Mumford & Sons seem right on the mark.

Here’s the video for “Switzerland”:

The Last Bison- Switzerland (HD) from The Last Bison on Vimeo.

The Last Bison plays at about 6:45 on Thursday, March 7 at the Stopover’s opening night kickoff event in the new North Garden at the Ships of the Sea Museum. The band opens for Ben Sollee, who is slated to play at 8.

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I love this poster of The Last Bison submitted by Amanda Hein for the festival’s band poster competition.