Savannah Stopover preview: Field Report

Well this is sure some beautiful music in this post.

In these days of Bandcamp embeds and digital albums, there’s a lot less emphasis on reading lyrics than they’re used to be in the age of albums.

But Field Report’s lyrics are well worth a read. Check out “I’m Not Waiting Anymore” (which you can listen to in the embedded album or video below):

I am red in tooth and claw God’s favorite child, bloodied from the brawl This bitterness was killing me all along I am not waiting anymore I am not waiting anymore

Blowing through time like nickel slots in a windowless room, on a credit card: flash it like a semaphore- a vague, drafty metaphor- I am not waiting anymore

I’ve been a keen eyed observer of the movements of concentric parts of bodies of bones and breasts and unmapped chambers of hearts

Sand in hand has turned to glass a Jeroboam filled with a life that’s passed Toss it off the balcony and listen for the crash I am not waiting anymore

I spent eight long years working on my screenplay it’s a teen movie with young actresses that plays to the middle aged

I have read between the lines I have been wrong every time It burned up on the alter, but I am fine I am not waiting anymore I am not waiting anymore I am not waiting anymore

It’s gorgeous, evocative stuff.

And this live video:

From the intro to a fascinating interview last year at CMJ with Field Report’s Chris Porterfield, before the release of the album embedded here:

In the Northern Midwest, it seems like you can’t throw a weathered acoustic guitar without hitting at least one person who’s somehow associated with Justin Vernon. Such is the case with Chris Porterfield, who played with Vernon and members of Megafaun in DeYarmond Edison, the band known as the precursor to Vernon’s Bon Iver. Porterfield joined DeYarmond Edison in Eau Claire back in 2003, but he quit the band when the rest of the players decided to move to Raleigh, NC, for a change of scene. Instead, he moved to Milwaukee, WI, assuming his “musical life was finished.” But this year, he’s proving himself wrong as he prepares for the release of his debut LP as Field Report, coming out September 11 on Partisan.

Field_ReportField Report plays at 10 p.m. upstairs at B&D Burgers on Congress Street on Saturday, March 9. Click here for the full Savannah Stopover schedule. Click here for the Stopover page devoted to Field Report.

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