CUSSES’ Kickstarter now up and running to produce second album

From CUSSES’ Kickstarter campaign:

“We are a DIY, three-piece rock band rising out of Savannah, Georgia. Since day one we have done everything ourselves. For our debut album we had no help from any record label. The three of us worked hard in the daily grind, knocking down doors, and getting our music out to some of you and into any independent record stores that would have us. It has been hard and our pockets are now dry but with that being said, we still want to move forward and get our music to the world. This is your chance to experience the band and have individualized memories to go with this chapter. Become a part of the band and our record label.”

Friday at The Jinx: Cusses, single release by Whaleboat, plus Can’t Kids

Cusses’ last Savannah show till May and a new single from up and coming Whaleboat.

Cusses on Daytrotter today

The Savannah trio Cusses has had so much going on lately that it’s hard to keep up.

Cusses wins mtvU competition with “Don’t Give In” video

From mtvU: “There were over 100,000 votes on this extended holiday round of The Freshmen with Cusses, Drew32 and The Dead Ships each receiving a lot of fan support.”

Cusses’ video “Don’t Give In” a finalist for spot in mtvU rotation

Click here to go vote — as many times as you want. Voting ends on January 4th.

Cusses’ video “Don’t Give In” premieres at Revolver Magazine

A great video of the song “Don’t Give In” by the hard-charging, Savannah-based trio Cusses has been premiered by Revolver Magazine today.

Savannah’s first Graveface Fest a big all-ages success (pics)

My first stop last Saturday was Graveface Fest in the courtyard and one of the adjacent buildings at Southern Pine Company near East Broad and 35th streets. The aging urban commercial space has the character and the scale to host a wide range of public gatherings.

Pics and thoughts on a great Savannah Saturday

The Saturday before Halloween is always one of the best days of the year for those of us who love special events and large gatherings.

And this year was especially over-the-top and theatrical.

No Control Fall Festival: photos and a few final thoughts

The No Control Mini Fall Festival occupied part of the sprawling Southern Pine Company — a few vendors were in the courtyard and a busy lineup of bands played in the airy old workshop at the north end of the site. Despite all the hard surfaces, the space turned out to be great for music.

Graveface Fest 2012 – Southern Pine Company – 10/27/12

Featuring Black Moth Super Rainbow, The Casket Girls, CUSSES, Serengeti, The Marshmallow Ghosts, Dreamend, David Liebe Hart (of Tim & Eric) doing an all puppet performance, The Stargazer Lilies, and Creepoid

No Control Fall Festival – 10/06/12

The twice-yearly event once again will be held at Southern Pine Company at 35th and East Broad streets in Savannah. Eight bands are scheduled for this all ages event.

Savannah Fashion’s Night Out: photos of a great night on Broughton Street

I took a lot of photos on Fashion’s Night Out on Broughton Street on Thursday, but I was there more to enjoy the event than to document it.

Fashion’s Night Out Savannah: schedule of bands and runway shows

If you’re planning to spend much of Thursday night on Broughton Street, here’s a more detailed schedule with the lineup at the outdoor stages.

Damon and the Shitkickers, Niche, and CUSSES at The Jinx (lots of photos)

By the time Angel Bond and CUSSES stormed the stage, things were pretty hot in The Jinx.