Cusses on Daytrotter today

The Savannah trio Cusses has had so much going on lately that it’s hard to keep up.

Cusses’ Angel Bond, Bryan Harder, and Brian Lackey recently won a fan-driven contest so that their video “Don’t Give In” would be in regular rotation on mtvU, and today they’re reaching a national audience with a new live session on Daytrotter.

You’ll need a membership — either a trial one or ongoing one — to listen to the four tunes: “Hey You”, “Worst Enemy”, “Bruised Fun”, and “You Know I Love You”. (I joined the site a few weeks ago and it’s worth far more than the required few bucks a month.)

Sean Moeller’s write-ups of Daytrotter bands are always a little over the top, which seems especially apt for the raw power of Cusses. Moeller titles his piece “So Raw You Can’t Lose”.

From Daytrotter:

The thought that Cusses lead singer Angel Bond would ever be coy about her feelings for someone is as preposterous as they come. There would be no dropping of hints or suspicious, open-ended love notes. It would be a whole lot of grabbing and tugging and clawing. There would be sweaty windows and slicked skin. There would be little consideration. It would be gut-check time and if there weren’t wriggly feelings down in the bottom of the stomach, she wouldn’t want any part of you anyway. She’ll take it the rough way. She’ll come right in and get it – whatever she wants, when she wants it because if it doesn’t begin like an inferno, it will never be what she wants it to be.

The passion that those that she writes about in the Savannah, Georgia band’s songs seek is borderline mental.


Here’s a pic of Angel that I took at The Jinx last summer:


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