No Control Fall Festival: photos and a few final thoughts

Thanks to Angel Bond and Brian Lackey of CUSSES for organizing another No Control event this past Saturday.

The No Control Mini Fall Festival occupied part of the sprawling Southern Pine Company — a few vendors were in the courtyard and a busy lineup of bands played in the airy old workshop at the north end of the site. Despite all the hard surfaces, the space turned out to be great for music. The proportions of the room made it comfortable for the small crowds early in the day and the much larger ones at night. The sound was really good, and the mix of lighting sources created beautiful effects. I wish there had been more folks about taking photos — it’s hard to figure that in a town full of photo students and aspiring photographers that so few show up for visual public spectacles like this.

Heyrocco lead singer Nathan Merli

I came early, left for a while, then came back later. I didn’t hang in till the bitter end, so I missed Triathalon, a band I’ve raved about plenty here.

But I did catch the first act Sauna Heat, comprised of members of Triathalon, and I did get a couple of pics of Triathalon lead singer Adam Intrator doing chalk drawings as a couple kids looked on.

You’ll also see shots here of Perhaps, an instrumental rock trio from Boston; Cement Stars from Charlotte; Deep Search; and Charleston-based Heyrocco.

I loved Cement Stars’ tight set.

And I have little doubt that Savannah live music fans are going to be hearing a lot more from Heyrocco. I’ll soon be posting more about them or perhaps writing about the band in an upcoming Savannah Morning News column.

For now, take a listen:

All in all, the No Control Fall Festival was a great chance to sample up and coming bands, several of which have shared stages with CUSSES in recent months.

Some pics, click to enlarge:

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