Pics and thoughts on a great Savannah Saturday

It’s awful to look at the map and see what could happen as Hurricane Sandy moves to the East Coast over the next couple of days, but Savannah continues its charmed existence.

The Saturday before Halloween is always one of the best days of the year for those of us who love special events and large gatherings.

And this year was especially over-the-top and theatrical.

I did all that I could comfortably do on Saturday: Graveface Fest, then the Savannah Film Festival’s premiere with Silver Linings Playbook, then back to Graveface for CUSSES and Black Moth Super Rainbow, then to The Jinx for GAM, then down Congress Street to The Sparetime. (Well, there was also a latenight breakfast at Parker’s.

I had my camera most of the night and took a couple hundred pics.

Here’s just a quick roundup since I’m unlikely to go through them all for a day or two.

With the filmfest continuing, with the Jewish Food Festival and Food Day both happening today, with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon coming up next Saturday, it’s an active and fun time to be in Savannah. And the weather is — as usual — perfect.

A few quick pics, including my friend Nick as Cerberus, some great skating at Graveface, Dreamend, Deep Search, CUSSES, GAM, and even Orlando Montoya: