Gregg Allman calls for end of production on biopic “Midnight Rider”

From the Hollywood Reporter, Gregg Allman Begs ‘Midnight Rider’ Director Not to Resume Filming (Exclusive):

Midnight Rider subject Gregg Allman, a founding member of the iconic Southern rock group The Allman Brothers Band, is urging director Randall Miller not to proceed with production on the controversial biopic after the tragic death of camera assistant Sarah Jones.

Allman sent Miller a personal letter asking him to not move forward with the film amid reports that the director was looking to resume shooting in L.A.

“I am writing to you as one human being to another, and appealing to you from my heart,” Allman began. “I am asking you from a personal perspective not to go forward.”

This news come after star William Hurt dropped out of the project and after production was slated to move ahead in L.A.

It’s very difficult to imagine how this project could move ahead without Allman’s support, and even harder to imagine who would even go see the film given all the circumstances involved and given the amount of anger about Jones’ tragic, senseless death.

And there might be other obstacles to continued production. From the AJC’s Film accident exposes safety weaknesses on the set:

In coastal Georgia, prosecutors are weighing criminal charges in the death of a 27-year-old Atlanta woman struck by a train while filming a Greg Allman biopic in February. […]

Sheriffs’ investigators in South Georgia last week turned over preliminary findings of their two-month probe. Several federal regulatory agencies are also looking into the accident and civil lawsuits are a certainty.