Month: August 2012

Baroness releases statement detailing injuries from coach crash in Bath — UPDATED 8/20

This post has been updated with the latest photo released by Baroness as three members recuperate in hospital in England.

Sh*t, Yeah: Zunzi’s The Conquistador finishes in top 3 on “Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America”

The winner was the Roast Pork sandwich from DiNic’s in Philly.

BBC coverage showing Baroness bus crash site in Bath (video)

There were nine people on the bus. All were injured when the bus left the roadway during heavy rain and fell 30 feet at about 11:30 a.m. local time after coming down a steep hill and failing to execute a right turn.

Baroness bus involved in “serious accident” in England

There are reports of injuries but no fatalities in the crash today near Bath of the bus for metal band Baroness, which was founded here in Savannah.

Neil Gaiman joins storytellers for The Unchained Tour, tickets now on sale

Neil Gaiman has a huge following and commands really high speaking fees — he’s certainly an amazing get for The Unchained Tour, but I fear a ton of folks are going to be disappointed that they won’t be able to attend the relatively small venues.

The Pass – The Sparetime – 08/18/12

Great dance band from Louisville, Kentucky.

“Desires of the Heart”: another feature film shooting in Savannah (and India)

This new film is “Desires of the Heart” featuring All My Children‘s Alicia Minshew

Doug Mains & The City Folk at The Sentient Bean in Savannah (photos)

Mains’ lead vocals have a slightly Irish sound to me, and the lyrics have a maturity and depth — even the occasional mythic touch — that I wouldn’t expect from a band that often radiates such youthful joy on stage.

WTOC: Former Savannah Mayor Susan Weiner is dead

I’ll append obituaries and other relevant links as the story develops. Weiner was only in her mid-60s.

A few thoughts on Romney’s VP pick of Paul Ryan: Devils in the details of his economic plan

Ryan will likely fare fine in debates. He’s attractive and a good speaker (although he’s going to look a little too much like a long lost Romney son in campaign ads). His presence might inject into the campaign some real discussion about the federal budget and how to avoid the upcoming fiscal cliff — but the majority of voters will disagree with Ryan’s specific prescriptions. The more they hear, the less they’ll like.

Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon 2012 now seeking bands to play on the course

The search for bands to play the inaugural Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon course took on some interesting when political dimensions when musicians objected — as they should — to the initial call for donated talent.

Wall Street Journal on John Barrow, the last white Democrat from the Deep South in the House

The newly drawn district poses some serious difficulties for Barrow — or for any Democrat. But Barrow could certainly survive, and there’s no doubt that the race will continue to attract national attention.

“First Position”: acclaimed dance documentary screening by Psychotronic Film Society in benefit for Savannah Dance Festival

The 2011 documentary First Position “follows six young dancers from around the world as they prepare for the Youth America Grand Prix, one of the most prestigious ballet competitions in the world.”

Previews of 7 bands playing in Savannah this weekend (lots of audio, some video)

Doug Mains & The City Folk, one of the bands playing in Savannah on Friday, August 10:

Doug Mains and the City Folk from gbs detroit on Vimeo.