Previews of 7 bands playing in Savannah this weekend (lots of audio, some video)

In my Man About Town column today, I mention a variety of local and touring acts playing promising gigs on Thursday and Friday nights this week.

I’m not sure my schedule will allow me to get to hear all these acts, but I sure plan to check out Doug Mains & The City Folk with Sauna Heat on Friday at The Sentient Bean, and Tonto and The Train Wrecks later that night at The Jinx.

Here are some samples of all the bands I mention in the column today.

Live Wire Music Hall, Thursday, August 9:


The Royal Noise:

Those Cats:

The Sentient Bean, Friday, August 10:

Doug Mains & The City Folk:

Doug Mains and the City Folk from gbs detroit on Vimeo.

Doug Mains & The City Folk – Theresa St. Johns (Live @ SCENE Metrospace) from Brad A. Kinnan on Vimeo.

Sauna Heat:

The Jinx, Friday, August 10:

The Train Wrecks: