WTOC: Former Savannah Mayor Susan Weiner is dead

From Sonny Dixon at WTOC:

Former Savannah Mayor Susan Weiner died late Saturday afternoon in Atlanta.

Weiner underwent arterial surgery on Aug. 3. Complications arose on Aug. 7, which resulted in seizures, a stroke and subsequent coma, from which she never awoke.

Weiner unseated 5-term mayor John Rousakis in 1991, but she was defeated by Floyd Adams in her re-election bid in 1995. Neither made a big deal of their historic elections: Weiner was Savannah’s first woman mayor while Adams was the city’s first black mayor.

Weiner also served as director of Coverdell Leadership Institute.

Click here for the November 6, 1991 Savannah Morning News front page, announcing Weiner’s victory.

The analyses and reactions are well worth a read.

I’ll append obituaries and other relevant links as the story develops. Weiner was only in her mid-60s.