Doug Mains & The City Folk at The Sentient Bean in Savannah (photos)

Doug Mains & The City Folk is one of those bands that I expect to see again.

They’re just too good to forget about — and they’re way too good to vanish from the scene.

The Lansing band normally performs as a five-piece, but there are just three of them on the current tour — guitarist and singer Doug Mains, violinist and singer Kelly Pond, and Josh Michels, who plays accordion and cello.

Mains’ lead vocals have a slightly Irish sound to me, and the lyrics have a maturity and depth — even the occasional mythic touch — that I wouldn’t expect from a band that often radiates such youthful joy on stage.

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I’m especially taken by the title track from the excellent album The Mountain’s King, which the trio played second in their set list on Friday, but there literally wasn’t a weak moment in the show.

Click here for Doug Mains & The City Folk website.

Click here for the group’s Facebook page.

I’m embedding their recent album here from their Bandcamp page.

And I took some pictures.

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