BBC coverage showing Baroness bus crash site in Bath (video)

I posted earlier today about the bus crash involving Baroness, the popular and critically praised metal band that formed in Savannah in 2003, and there has been little news released to the public since then.

There were nine people on the bus. All were injured when the bus left the roadway during heavy rain and fell 30 feet at about 11:30 a.m. local time after coming down a steep hill and failing to execute a right turn. The two more seriously injured people on the German-registered bus were stuck in the wreckage for some time. Those two people, who have not yet been publicly identified, are being treated in Bristol. The other seven are in Bath.

All reports indicate that none of the injuries are life-threatening, however. I will share more information as it is made public.

Baroness was near the end of this European tour. There were scheduled to play a show in Southampton tonight at The Talking Heads as well as several shows in Germany this weekend. Those are obviously postponed.

Baroness was promoting their recent double album Yellow & Green.

My best to all for a speedy recovery.

Here’s the BBC report from the site of the crash: