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The Unchained Tour announces storytellers for January 2013 tour

From January 11 to 19, the evening of storytelling and music will appear in Chattanooga, Huntsville, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Memphis, Booneville, Oxford, Birmingham, Montevallo, Montgomery, and finish in Carrollton, Georgia. Click here to see further details and to purchase tickets.

The Moth and The Unchained Tour covered by the New York Times and Oxford American

Joan Juliet Buck: “So: when George Dawes Green was young, he would stay up all night in Georgia drinking bourbon and telling stories as moths flapped against the screened-in porch of a schoolteacher named Wanda Bullard . . . “

The Unchained Tour finishes with a glorious night in Savannah

The performance, which packed about 350 of us into the spare ballroom at the Knights of Columbus on Liberty Street, was simply beautiful on many levels.

The Unchained Tour is underway — and Neil Gaiman is already blogging about it

The Unchained Tour arrives in Savannah on Saturday, September 22. At the moment, it is sold out.

CBS Sunday Morning: Storytelling, The Moth, and George Dawes Green

The Moth and The Unchained Tour aren’t George’s only current efforts to promote a culture of storytelling. He’s also producing Helen & Edgar, the upcoming one-man show by native Savannahian Edgar Oliver at Theatre 80 in NYC.

Neil Gaiman joins storytellers for The Unchained Tour, tickets now on sale

Neil Gaiman has a huge following and commands really high speaking fees — he’s certainly an amazing get for The Unchained Tour, but I fear a ton of folks are going to be disappointed that they won’t be able to attend the relatively small venues.

The Unchained Tour’s new video conveys magic of storytelling

Open the post for more info.

Writer George Dawes Green on The Moth, storytelling, and “what makes us human”

Savannah can claim George Dawes Green as our own, right? The Brunswick-area native and longtime NYC resident has some deep roots here. George is a novelist (The Juror, Ravens, and others) and founder of The Moth, which has revived the…

For the love of stories: The Unchained Tour’s simple majesty

In the final story of The Unchained Tour on Friday night, Savannah native Edgar Oliver told stories of growing up here, painting an image of himself as a child desperate to understand his real and imagined worlds. Near the end…