CBS Sunday Morning: Storytelling, The Moth, and George Dawes Green

The Unchained Tour starts next week. It’s the latest incarnation of the storytelling tour of Southern cities in support of independent bookstores and of traditional, person-to-person communication.

The Unchained Tour is the brainchild of novelist George Dawes Green, founder of The Moth. The Moth of course now has its own public radio show.

George is from Brunswick and has lived in New York much of his life, but he spends a lot of time here in Savannah. I’ve never had a dull moment in the company of George Dawes Green.

George Dawes Green being interviewed by CBS Sunday Morning on the streets of New York

CBS Sunday Morning interviewed George for today’s 7+ minute segment Storytelling festivals keep an age-old tradition alive.

I found the report a little awkward. The first half focuses on storytelling festivals that seem largely geared toward children and feature — at least in this edit — a sort of cloyingly inflated style of speech. Then at right about the halfway mark, the segment moves to George and The Moth, featuring interview clips and some sharp, real moments of adult storytelling.

The Moth and The Unchained Tour aren’t George’s only current efforts to promote a culture of storytelling. He’s also producing Helen & Edgar, the upcoming one-man show by native Savannahian Edgar Oliver at Theatre 80 in NYC. I’ll have more to say about that in an upcoming post. Here’s the preview video:

Helen & Edgar from Matt Perry on Vimeo.