The Unchained Tour announces storytellers for January 2013 tour

The Unchained Tour will head off on another Southern tour in January.

From January 11 to 19, the evening of storytelling and music will appear in Chattanooga, Huntsville, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Memphis, Booneville, Oxford, Birmingham, Montevallo, Montgomery, and finish in Carrollton, Georgia.

Click here to see further details and to purchase tickets.

Here’s The Unchained Tour’s mission statement:

Unchained believes that the art of the raconteur—the telling of unscripted, personal, porch-style stories—is one of the great arts, and that nights of storytelling are vital to any vibrant and healthy community. Our mission is to bring brilliant raconteurs, along with musicians and writers and other artists, to towns large and small across the South—and eventually across the continent. We’ll champion the local and home-grown: independent bookstores, community gardens, performing cafes. We’ll advocate getting offline and off the grid, and wherever we go we’ll celebrate the pleasure and inspiration of raconteuring.

A scene from the video below.

This tour once again features Peter Aguero, who told an hysterical story about sex with his now-wife during Unchained’s stop in Savannah a couple of months ago, is back.

Chistopher Paul Stelling at the Telfair Academy during the 2012 Savannah Stopover

And so is George Dawes Green. The rest of the list includes Micaela Biel, Annie Duke, and Tim Manley.

Christopher Paul Stelling — a Brooklyn singer-songwriter whom I had the good fortune to hear at the 2012 Savannah Stopover — will also perform.

Click here for more about Stelling and each of the raconteurs. The Unchained Tour also has a vibrant Facebook page.

If you’re unfamiliar with the work and play of Unchained, take a look at this video:

Unchained from Matt Perry on Vimeo.