The Unchained Tour is underway — and Neil Gaiman is already blogging about it

I’ve written about The Unchained Tour several times on this blog, including last week in a post last weekend about founder George Dawes Green and a segment about storytelling on CBS Sunday Morning.

George of course also founded The Moth.

Neil Gaiman has a huge, rabid following — I mean that in a nice way — and his presence on The Unchained Tour as it winds through the American South will certainly attract international attention.

Gaiman has already posted on his journal about the first stop on the tour: In which I am Unchained…

He reflects on both George and on Edgar Oliver, who is among the raconteurs on the un-air-conditioned bus:

Two of the storytellers in the bus have scenes from stories they have told painted on the outside of the bus. They are Edgar Oliver, and George Dawes Green. George’s story picture shows him listening to stories as a boy, while the moths flutter into the porchlight. When George grew up he founded the storytelling movement/institution/ organisation called The Moth. This bus, and the tour, is George’s idea too.

Edgar Oliver’s story shows Edgar and his mother and sister, and painted next to it, the opening of one of Edgar’s stories about Savannah, and his childhood. Edgar is from Savannah, and he lives in New York, but his accent is unlike anyone else’s, probably in the world: it is musical and it is theatrical and it is unplaceable, vowel sounds that are English or Eastern European.

It’s a lovely and elegant post. Click here to read it.

Check out Edgar Oliver’s voice in this preview of his upcoming one-man show in New York, produced by George Dawes Green:

Helen & Edgar from Matt Perry on Vimeo.

Click through the link on the pic below to get to The Unchained Tour’s Facebook page: