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“CBGB” actor Ryan Hurst: Savannah on July 4th is “like a drunken pep rally in a _______ ______”

Ryan Hurst, playing CBGB regular Mad Mountain, pulls no punches on Twitter. Not for the easily offended!

Actor Donal Logue on CBGB in the 1980s and on the perils of not drinking

Actor Donal Logue’s diverse career includes myriad films and television shows, including stints on the series “ER”, “Grounded for Life”, “Knights of Prosperity”, “Life”, and “Terriers”.

Facebook and Twitter photos of the filming of CBGB in Savannah

Embeds of some of the photos from the set of CBGB shared via Twitter and Facebook so far this week.

CBGB set in Savannah: does it look like the Bowery of 40 years ago?

Check out these two photos.

Freddy Rodriguez (“Six Feet Under”) joins CBGB cast

Ryan Hurst from Sons of Anarchy also joined the cast.

CBGB Festival lineup and schedule taking shape

While the film CBGB is shooting here in Savannah, the first ever CBGB Festival will be held at venues in New York City. The festival runs from July 5th through 8th.

Film.com: Will CBGB movie “work”?

The piece has the predictable angst about CBGB being filmed primarily in Savannah rather than in New York. That’s in keeping with a number of other articles, none of which seem fully in touch with the illusions of film . . .

More “CBGB” news . . .

Justin Bartha has been cast as Dead Boys’ late lead singer and guitarist Stiv Bators. Meanwhile, the actual interior of the club is on its way to Savannah — or maybe even here already.

Ashley Greene from “Twilight” joining “CBGB” cast

With the addition of Ashley Greene of Twilight to the CBGB cast, we also get a better sense of the script.

“CBGB” film cast filling out, scheduled to begin shooting June 25th in Savannah

The cast reportedly includes Alan Rickman, Rupert Grint, Sana Katic, Joel David Moore, Malin Akerman, Julian Acosta, Richard De Klerk, Josh Zuckerman, Ryan Hurst, and Estelle Harris (Mrs. Costanza from “Seinfeld”).

Alan Rickman stars as CBGB founder in film shooting in Savannah this summer

“Alan Rickman is to play Hilly Kristal in a new movie about the legendary New York club boss.

The British star will shoot “CBGB” in Savannah, Georgia this summer with an all-star cast portraying the likes of the Ramones, Blondie, Television, Talking Heads and Patti Smith – who all headlined at Kristal’s fabled Bowery venue, which is now a John Varvatos clothing store.”