Actor Donal Logue on CBGB in the 1980s and on the perils of not drinking

Actor Donal Logue’s diverse career includes myriad films and television shows, including stints on the series “ER”, “Grounded for Life”, “Knights of Prosperity”, “Life”, and “Terriers”.

In CBGB now filming in Savannah, Canadian-born Logue plays the late Merv Ferguson, the security guy for the club and for Hilly Kristal (Alan Rickman). From Stereo Society:

A very private person, Merv was reputed to hold an Oxford degree and at various times taught English and history. He was a generous father figure to many of the younger people working at the club, sorting out their attempts to explore a new world.

In recent tweets responding to fan questions, Logue noted that he saw bands at CBGB in the late 80s and that he is a longtime non-drinker.