More “CBGB” news . . .

From The Local East Village:

The old CBGB is ready for its close-up, and The Local was on hand as a section of the bar, the phone booth, a urinal, pieces of wall and founder Hilly Kristal’s desk hit the road yesterday for Savannah, Georgia, where they will be used in the upcoming CBGB movie.

The assorted items still have hints of the glory days at 315 Bowery. The beat-up old desk has a list taped to it of phone numbers for old staffers at the club that closed in 2006. The toilets are still filthy and showed no signs of scrubbing (a latrine and a urinal from the women’s room are shown in our slideshow). Most surfaces are covered in band stickers, and the cash register still has a cut-out image of Mr. Kristal alongside a photo of Shakira.

Check out the article for a great slideshow.

From Deadline Hollywood:

Justin Bartha has joined the cast of CBGB. The Hangover star will play Stiv Bators, lead singer of the Dead Boys. CBGB was the club in New York’s Bowery district that saw the birth of punk with bands like the Dead Boys, the Ramones, Blondie, and Television. Bators died in 1990.

Bators’ Dead Boys-bandmate Cheetah Chrome will be played by Rupert Grint of Harry Potter fame.

Bators died in 1990 on the night after he was struck by a car as he stood on a Paris sidewalk. Apparently, he sought medical attention but left the hospital after a long wait and with no apparent serious problems. His ashes were allegedly scattered on Jim Morrison’s grave.

I’ll repost this great video of the Dead Boys live at CBGB:

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