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Modern English in Savannah – photos

I didn’t try to take any photos during “I Melt With You” near the end of Modern English’s staggeringly good set last night at Dollhouse Productions here in Savannah. I just wanted to flash back — way back — and…

Modern English, Ponderosa, Yip Deceiver, Widowspeak in new Savannah summer concert series

Thanks to MusicFile Productions, Modern English will be playing a show on August 28th at Dollhouse here in Savannah. For those of us of a certain age, that merits a wow. Modern English’s “I Melt with You” was a nightclub…

Christ, Lord at Dollhouse Productions — photos and a short review

“I was always there like a film that covers up your eyes.” That’s the great opening line of “Queen, Liz” — the first song on Christ, Lord’s EP Live at Criminal Records recorded in September 2012. The Atlanta band brought…

Christ, Lord / Triathalon / Faun and Pan Flute – Dollhouse Productions – 04/27/13

From the Facebook invitation:
Atlanta’s garage ballroom / punk tango masters Christ, Lord bring their fantastic live show back to Savannah for a live performance on Dollhouse’s main stage. Faun and Pan Flute open and later lend their whimsical stylings to the Christ, Lord set for what is destined to be an unforgettable night of entertainment.

Christ, Lord’s set will be recorded and taped as part of an ongoing Savannah Stopover Sessions at Dollhouse Studios recorded series to be made available online via bandcamp. Local superhero heartthrobs Triathalon will close the night. Doors at 8pm.

Heyrocco / Make Westing – Dollhouse Productions – 04/26/13

Heyrocco from Charleston and Make Westing (including Lucas Carpenter of Deep Search) will play the Savannah Independent Designers’ after-party. I’ve written pretty often about Heyrocco, a great trio from Charleston, including this lengthy Savannah Stopover preview. COMFORT by Heyrocco I’ve…

Savannah Stopover Sessions now available on bandcamp — definitely worth a listen

Click here to go directly to the Savannah Stopover Sessions bandcamp page. Click here to sample the sessions on the Stopover site. Having bought a VIP pass for last month’s Savannah Stopover, I was thrilled to spend part of Saturday…

Dan Deacon, Grand Buffet, Triathalon play to euphoric Savannah crowd (lots of photos)

The crowd did whatever Deacon asked — they pointed, kneeled, stepped back, divided into two teams, even exited the back of the building and came back in the front after creating a long bridge of extended arms and united hands.

Dan Deacon / Grand Buffet / Triathalon – Dollhouse Productions – 12/10/12

“This will be Deacon’s third visit to Savannah. He is currently supporting his new album America (Domino Records) that debuted on August 28th. America has been described by the New York Times as ‘a dark love letter of sorts to the country.’ Rolling Stone states that ‘his music and sound-scapes depict the beauty and poetic nature of his homeland.'”

Dex Romweber Duo: photos from a great Savannah show

Dex Romweber put on a great show last night at Dollhouse Studios — a new venture in West Savannah. Romweber, formerly of Flat Duo Jets, now plays much of the time with his sister Sara, the drummer in the Dex Romweber Duo. Sara is a trip to watch as her long hair flies as she attacks the drums, but it’s Dex’s show — that deep voice is so compelling and crystal clear. He was sure on point last night.

Tav Falco and the Panther Burns + Dex Romweber Duo and Jackals – Dollhouse Studios – 10/20/12

This should be a really great show — one of the first official events at Dollhouse Studios at 980 Industry Drive in West Savannah. Produced by Dollhouse Productions and Safe//Sound.

Molly Nilsson: New video and a few pics from her Savannah show

Swedish performer Molly Nilsson performed a beautiful set on the second floor of The Sparetime on Monday night.