Dan Deacon / Grand Buffet / Triathalon – Dollhouse Productions – 12/10/12

A big show for a Monday night.

Dan Deacon has more than 33,000 fans on Facebook, but his web presence is a little hard to get a handle on. I hate to say it, but the best background on him can probably be found on Wikipedia.

Photo by Shawn Brackbill

From the Dollhouse Studios press release:

This will be Deacon’s third visit to Savannah. He is currently supporting his new album America (Domino Records) that debuted on August 28th. America has been described by the New York Times as “a dark love letter of sorts to the country”. Rolling Stone states that “his music and sound-scapes depict the beauty and poetic nature of his homeland”.

With this new body of work, Deacon explores all dimensions of instrumentation, melding acoustic and synthetic tones, pop and classical scores, and experimenting with a host of players on a variety of instruments. In short, Deacon has honed his take on the sound of “America”, uniting disparate elements to create a cohesive message: “The future surrounds us. Let us begin”. Relevant to the recent election, Deacon’s visit to Savannah is very good timing indeed.

Here’s “True Thrush”:

Check out the Facebook event invite. Tickets are available at Graveface Records and via the Safe//Sound blog.

Click here for Grand Buffet’s Facebook page. They’re a hip hop duo from Pittsburgh.

And Triathalon, one of Savannah’s best young bands:

Triathalon at Fashion’s Night Out on Broughton Street