Modern English in Savannah – photos

I didn’t try to take any photos during “I Melt With You” near the end of Modern English’s staggeringly good set last night at Dollhouse Productions here in Savannah. I just wanted to flash back — way back — and enjoy myself.

That song and a few others by the iconic British band were played regularly in a dance club that I frequented back in the day in St. Louis. Whenever that song comes on the radio, even today, I turn it up and sing along.

But Modern English had and has a whole body of work in addition to that iconic single, and it was thrilling last night to enjoy their performance here, which was produced by MusicFile Productions, the parent company of Savannah Stopover and Revival Fest.

And it wasn’t just thrilling because of the nostalgia. Modern English played a tight set, seemed to enjoy their classics, threw in a few strong originals, and generally just tore it up for well over an hour in the hot and humid old warehouse space.

All that, and lead singer Robbie Grey wore a Tom of Finland t-shirt. (Bobby Zarem was even in the house.)

I took some pics:

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