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CNN covers Georgia’s growing film industry

The CNN reporter George Howell didn’t really get out of Atlanta for this report, but it’s still well worth a watch.

Richard Dreyfus, Danny Glover starring in “Killing Winston Jones”, new feature film shooting in Savannah

The Joel David Moore-directed film starts shooting in Savannah on Monday, Nov. 26. Moore recently spent time in Savannah starring as Joey Ramone in “CBGB”.


A few blogging updates — readership, photos, community needs, ad sales, Peach Pundit, other issues

Should this blog have more contributors? Why doesn’t anyone buy ads? Why don’t we have more local music bloggers?

“Desires of the Heart” update: director’s video blog, social media chronicle filming

After the Savannah portion of the shoot, Desires of the Heart will continue filming in India. Images and video embedded.

“Desires of the Heart”: another feature film shooting in Savannah (and India)

This new film is “Desires of the Heart” featuring All My Children‘s Alicia Minshew

Bank failures and scandals, state revenue, T-SPLOST, tax credits for filmmakers — a roundup of my recent Peach Pundit posts

Regular readers will know that since June I’ve been a regular contributor (2-3 posts per week) to Peach Pundit, the most important political blog in Georgia.

Alan Rickman likes Leopold’s Ice Cream

Open the post for a great pic from the Leopold’s Ice Cream Facebook page.

CUSSES, Niche headline benefit show at The Jinx

Savannah being Savannah, that means some great musicians and artists pooling their talents to raise money for Cody Rexrode, who was injured by a hit-and-run driver while on his bicycle.

Listening to Television

Danny Fields — an author and music industry executive important in the punk scene — called Television “the band of beauties.”

Ellis Square in Savannah: an appreciation

Remember when Ellis Square used to be home to nothing more than a parking garage?

Actress Ashley Greene: “Savannah is breathtaking”

Best known for her role in The Twilight Saga, Ashley Greene has the female lead in CBGB — she’s playing Lisa Kristal, daughter of club founder Hilly Kristal (Alan Rickman).

Open the post for more.

WSJ: “The Bowery Went Down to Georgia”

The WSJ asks: “The Georgia humidity may be akin to the sticky summers that infect downtown Manhattan, but is Savannah really an acceptable substitute for the infamous stretch of New York asphalt that spawned the Ramones?”

Pic of Rupert Grint on the plane to Savannah (with added pics in transit and on the street in Savannah)

Open the post for a few more Rupert Grint photos.

“Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman”

Keep this in mind over the next couple of months should you encounter Rickman at The Sentient Bean or Gallery Espresso while he’s in Savannah filming CBGB.