“Desires of the Heart” update: director’s video blog, social media chronicle filming

I mentioned the feature film Desires of the Heart now shooting in Savannah in a previous post.

The romance follows Kris (Val Lauren) and Madeleine (Alicia Minshew, formerly of All My Children). Kris is a psychiatrist visiting from India, but is forced to return home as his parents have arranged a marriage for him. Madeleine follows him.

After the Savannah portion of the shoot, Desires of the Heart will continue filming in India.

Unlike the recent filming of CBGB, in which there were attempts to limit the photos and video of the set and of the stars, the smaller budget Desires of the Heart is embracing ongoing media — even generating it.

The film’s Facebook page has been updated regularly with photos and director James Kicklighter is even doing a casual video blog of the shoot. So far, the film has shot at the Savannah airport (first feature ever to do so), the Tybee lighthouse, the Lucas Theatre, Lafayette Square, and the Ships of the Sea, among other locations.

Here are Kicklighter’s video blog entries so far:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

And a couple of Facebook images. You can click on through to the Facebook page from these: