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Home prices continue rebound — but still only back to level of a decade ago


There were some very strong numbers released this morning for the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices. In addition to the monthly data for the 10- and 20-city composite indices, we also got the national index, which is updated quarterly. All of…

SCAD’s New Alumni Concert in Forsyth Park features the Greyboy Allstars, Mayer Hawthorne, Gringo Star

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UPDATE, 5/31: The schedule apparently calls for Gringo Star to perform at 6 p.m., The Greyboy Allstars at 7:30, and Mayer Hawthorne at 9. This strikes me as odd since SCAD’s calendar and various press releases have referred to The…

When it comes to biking and walking, Savannah is a tale of two cities

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Thanks to Savannah Morning News reporter Eric Curl for his recent blog post Biking, walking website flunks Savannah. From that post: The average bike score given by the was 48 out of 100, putting Savannah at 77 out of…

Spoleto review: Le Grand C by Compagnie XY

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After a disappointing first show on Saturday afternoon, my friend Adrienne and I walked a few blocks through town to the Memminger Auditorium for Compagnie XY’s Le Grand C. It was an auspicious Spoleto debut for the French troupe Compagnie…

Kate Spade apparently headed to Broughton, other chains have renewed interest in Savannah

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For some of the latest developments on major chains apparently headed to Savannah, check out my City Talk column today: Savannah increasingly a target for national chains. As I have noted many times, we have ample evidence that locally owned…

Compagnie Käfig at Spoleto: engaging, kinetic performance in a terrible venue

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A friend and I attended the Spoleto USA performance by Compagnie Käfig on Saturday afternoon. The good-natured show was peppered with moments bordering on brilliance, as the 11 male dancers muscled and spun their way through the two long dances…

So what happened with Kanye West’s video projections in Savannah?

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Late Friday, I found out that Savannah had made the list of a dozen cities slated for semi-clandestine projections of Kanye West videos on the side of buildings. I was in Charleston most of the day yesterday, but I checked…

Calculated Risk on budget surpluses in California and other states


I wish I had a way of measuring rhetoric from southerners about the California economy over the last six years. Here in Georgia, for a number of years before we felt the worst of things, state and local officials maintained…

Kanye West video projections in Savannah on Saturday night

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UPDATE, about 8:30 p.m., 5/25: Savannah disappeared from the locations on Kanye West’s website sometime this afternoon (the page still exists, but with no red dots), so I have no idea if the video projections are still happening tonight. My…

Brad Gooch goes from Flannery O’Connor to Rumi, from Georgia to Tajikistan


Brad Gooch‘s outstanding biography Flannery: A Life of Flannery O’Connor shined an appropriate spotlight on arguably the most influential Savannah-born writer of the 20th century — and one of the most important writers in the South. Many of us affiliated…

Pew: Teens “have waning enthusiasm for Facebook, disliking the increasing adult presence, people sharing excessively, and stressful ‘drama'”

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There’s a really interesting report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project: Teens, Social Media, and Privacy. It’s fascinating stuff. Teens are continuing to use Facebook in extremely large numbers. About 81 percent of all teens use at least…

A thank you to readers of Connect Savannah

A sincere thank you to the readers of Connect Savannah for voting me best local columnist and best local blogger in the alt weekly’s annual Best of Savannah poll. I’ve been fortunate to win best local columnist for a number…

Will Ben Affleck make his next movie in Savannah?

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Ben Affleck was apparently wandering around downtown Savannah on Monday (yesterday) scouting locations for an upcoming film.

A word of caution: the film business is pretty fickle. Sometimes, projects evaporate overnight and production plans shift in a heartbeat. I have no idea if Affleck is considering other cities or how much of the film might be shot in Savannah if things move ahead.

I don’t have any inside knowledge about much of anything, but it’s worth noting that there has been considerable press recently about Affleck’s newest project Live by Night, which he is apparently producing, directing, writing, and starring in.

Barbara Garcia, elderly tornado survivor, finds dog while being interviewed (video)

This is pretty powerful stuff. Barbara Garcia’s restrained emotions are really something here. It’s also worth noting that the cameraman keeps filming rather than helping Garcia get Bowzy out from under the debris. Both Garcia and Bowzy appear to be physically OK.