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Tornado chaser, his son, and a colleague killed in Friday’s storms in Oklahoma

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Tim Samaras received 18 grants over the years from National Geographic to further his research on tornados, but also played a role in selling the storms as entertainment on the Discovery channel. His final tweet and a tense video of an EF4 from 2003 are embedded here.

Why isn’t Savannah more of a “restaurant town”?


I have not read Damon Lee Fowler’s new book Savannah Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes from This Historic Southern City, but I have read several pieces about it today. From Cooking, Savannah style in the Winston-Salem Journal: It may be understandable…

O.A.R.’s June 8th show at Grayson Stadium gets canceled

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Probably most of the fans who had already purchased tickets have seen the news that O.A.R. (of a revolution) has canceled their June 8th show at Grayson Stadium in Daffin Park here in Savannah. Refunds are available through the original…

Don’t panic: Social Security and Medicare are far from broke, many long-term fixes available

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When some politicians and organizations are calling for steep and immediate cuts to entitlement spending, it’s very difficult to tell sometimes whether they are making ideological or economic arguments. Do they really want a more libertarian society in which the…

Photos and a few thoughts about SCAD’s New Alumni Concert


What a beautiful Friday night for SCAD’s New Alumni Concert in Forsyth Park with The Greyboy Allstars, Mayer Hawthorne, and Gringo Star. Just a few random thoughts, followed by some photos of the event on Friday evening. Gringo Star was…

Interesting subtexts in Moshe Safdie’s return to Savannah

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Moshe Safdie will be speaking at SCAD’s commencements in Savannah and in Atlanta on Saturday. It’s an interesting development. Safdie is a renowned architect with a stunning list of major projects that includes Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in…

“CBGB” the movie set for October release

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No surprise that CBGB, which filmed primarily in Savannah in summer 2012, will premiered during the second annual CBGB Festival in New York in October. From The Hollywood Reporter’s ‘CBGB’ U.S. Film Rights Nabbed by XLrator Media: XLrator Media has…

CUSSES’ Kickstarter now up and running to produce second album


From CUSSES’ Kickstarter campaign:

“We are a DIY, three-piece rock band rising out of Savannah, Georgia. Since day one we have done everything ourselves. For our debut album we had no help from any record label. The three of us worked hard in the daily grind, knocking down doors, and getting our music out to some of you and into any independent record stores that would have us. It has been hard and our pockets are now dry but with that being said, we still want to move forward and get our music to the world. This is your chance to experience the band and have individualized memories to go with this chapter. Become a part of the band and our record label.”

Thursday meeting examines “State of Small Business” in Savannah

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From Savannah Score: On Thursday, May 30, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, SAVANNAH SCORE will present: The State of Small Business. Reports will be issued by 13 area experts that will have 3 minutes each to present their information…

Home prices continue rebound — but still only back to level of a decade ago


There were some very strong numbers released this morning for the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices. In addition to the monthly data for the 10- and 20-city composite indices, we also got the national index, which is updated quarterly. All of…

SCAD’s New Alumni Concert in Forsyth Park features the Greyboy Allstars, Mayer Hawthorne, Gringo Star

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UPDATE, 5/31: The schedule apparently calls for Gringo Star to perform at 6 p.m., The Greyboy Allstars at 7:30, and Mayer Hawthorne at 9. This strikes me as odd since SCAD’s calendar and various press releases have referred to The…

When it comes to biking and walking, Savannah is a tale of two cities

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Thanks to Savannah Morning News reporter Eric Curl for his recent blog post Biking, walking website flunks Savannah. From that post: The average bike score given by the was 48 out of 100, putting Savannah at 77 out of…

Spoleto review: Le Grand C by Compagnie XY

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After a disappointing first show on Saturday afternoon, my friend Adrienne and I walked a few blocks through town to the Memminger Auditorium for Compagnie XY’s Le Grand C. It was an auspicious Spoleto debut for the French troupe Compagnie…

Kate Spade apparently headed to Broughton, other chains have renewed interest in Savannah

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For some of the latest developments on major chains apparently headed to Savannah, check out my City Talk column today: Savannah increasingly a target for national chains. As I have noted many times, we have ample evidence that locally owned…