Photos and a few thoughts about SCAD’s New Alumni Concert

What a beautiful Friday night for SCAD’s New Alumni Concert in Forsyth Park with The Greyboy Allstars, Mayer Hawthorne, and Gringo Star.

Just a few random thoughts, followed by some photos of the event on Friday evening.

  • Gringo Star was excellent, I thought, but the problematic nature of the stage in Forsyth is tough for a band like that. If we had been at The Jinx (where I likely last saw Gringo Star), the moat and barricades last night would have been the equivalent of trying ton watch the show from somewhere in Ellis Square. Seriously. Gringo Star also started well before dark and before many arrived. The sound wasn’t as good for Gringo Star as for the other acts.
  • The Greyboy Allstars sounded great and added to the exuberant atmosphere in the park, but that sort of jammy funk really isn’t my favorite music. I took a few shots and watched up close for a while, but spent much of the evening with friends further back.
  • I only listened to Mayer Hawthorne for a few songs, but I was a little disappointed overall.
  • In my column in the Savannah Morning News on Sunday, I mention how much this year’s crop of SCAD graduates contributed to the cultural life of the city, but I saw very few of the grads that I know at the park.
  • There was a huge crowd, but there was also ample open space throughout the audience, including right up front. Anyone wanting to get as close as possible to the stage could just walk right up there at any given moment. (It still wasn’t that close.)
  • It’s tough to take good photos of bands on stage without getting press access — and even then it’s tough given the backdrops, the lighting, the distance from the crowd, etc. So I primarily took photos of people in the incredibly diverse audience.
  • If there are any pics here of you or your family that you’d like removed, I’d be happy to take them down.
  • Savannah is beautiful.

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