Checking into the SCADpad

So, SCADpad?

From the website for the micro-housing initiative by the Savannah College of Art and Design:

SCADpad embraces and advances the university’s deeply rooted commitment to adaptive reuse by utilizing a parking structure at SCAD Atlanta to create an inspirational and sustainable community that proposes an answer to the growing urban housing challenges cities are facing around the world.

An interdisciplinary group of SCAD students, faculty, and alumni worked for 10 months to design and develop SCADpad—from its architectural footprint to custom furniture to remote home control—to fit in the mere 135-square-feet of a standard parking space.

Each of the three SCADpad units has a unique theme and visual identity, reflecting SCAD’s global footprint. A common green space extends the living area, creating a community environment.

My friend Jerome Elder is actually living right now at SCADpad in Atlanta. Here’s the video he posted to YouTube, presumably the first of many:

You can click on through this tweet to see what Architectural Record has to say:

And SCADpad is not just in the U.S.:

We’ll check in again soon.