A few Savannah crime maps (updated with no maps)

For the reasons I generated these maps, please read my City Talk column today: Arena debate sparks misplaced crime concerns.

I generated maps looking at crime reports over the past year using the website Raids Online. The site is linked from the Savannah metro police website.

UPDATE: One email correspondent pointed out that I probably need express permission to publish the maps I created, so I’ll get in touch with the company that runs the site.

In the meantime, you can generate your own maps. It’s easy and sort of fun.

Do the following:

1) Go to RAIDS Online and search for the city (Savannah) you want to look at.

2) From the drop down menus on the left, choose the dates you wish to look at.

3) Then use the drop down for “Event” — this will let you select or deselect individual crimes.

4) Then use the drop down for “Analytic Layers” if you want to generate a crime density heat map.

As you can see as you generate maps, many areas of the city have more crime reports than neighborhoods in west Savannah or the chosen site for the city’s new arena.