SCAD aTVfest — a television festival — debuts next month at Atlanta campus

Savannah gets the film festival and Atlanta is getting SCAD’s television festival.

From yesterday’s press release:

ATLANTA, Georgia – The Savannah College of Art and Design will shine a spotlight on the television industry with aTVfest: Big Festival, Small Screen – a three-day festival celebrating the industry’s best shows, talent and leaders.

The event is slated for Feb. 14-16 in Atlanta, a lively hub of diversified media content development, and will feature panel discussions, workshops, award presentations, daily screenings and special guests.

“Home to CNN, Turner, EUE/Screen Gems Studios and dozens of production companies, Atlanta offers an incredible opportunity for students of media and television production to work directly with working television professionals and forge productive partnerships,” said Tina O’Hailey, dean of SCAD’s School of Digital Media. “aTVfest will allow industry professionals to share their knowledge and expertise with a broad audience of TV fans and provide insight into some of the best shows on television.”

And a bit more from the aTVfest website:

aTVfest is an international event hosted by SCAD and is focused on three areas – design, creativity and innovation in television and media production. The festival brings together professionals from all spheres of content production – including broadcast, cable, Web, social media, music videos and advertising – to discuss current industry trends and showcase the best work in each field.

The festival’s schedule will not be announced until Feb. 1, but passes go on sale on Friday.

Another interesting development from the Savannah College of Art and Design, that’s for sure.