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Tornado chaser, his son, and a colleague killed in Friday’s storms in Oklahoma

Tim Samaras received 18 grants over the years from National Geographic to further his research on tornados, but also played a role in selling the storms as entertainment on the Discovery channel. His final tweet and a tense video of an EF4 from 2003 are embedded here.

A few thoughts on the Oscars, Seth MacFarlane, and The Onion

I normally don’t pay much attention to the Oscars, and I certainly had not seen most of this year’s nominated films, so I didn’t have much stake in Sunday night’s ceremony. I’m so out of step with the times that…

SCAD aTVfest — a television festival — debuts next month at Atlanta campus

The inaugural aTVfest is scheduled for Feb. 14-16.

Johnny Galecki as Terry Ork in “CBGB”: one photo

Terry Ork (played by Johnny Galecki in “CBGB”) is hardly a household name — he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry! — but he was one of those figures who just made things happen.

Rolling Stone: “CBGB” editing underway, but still questions about the soundtrack

Given Patti Smith’s reaction to the film, I don’t expect to hear any of her music, but what about the Ramones? What about Talking Heads? What about Blondie?

Interviews with Malin Akerman, Ashley Greene, and Johnny Galecki on “CBGB” set in Savannah

Check out this ET interview with Malin Ackerman, who plays Deborah Harry of Blondie in CBGB; Ashley Greene, who plays Lisa Kristal, the daughter of club owner Hilly Kristal; and Johnny Galecki, who plays Terry Ork, whose Ork Records released singles by Television, Alex Chilton, The Feelies, and others.

Who were the top CBGB bands? Where are the club’s icons now?

Including links to updates on the whereabouts of Television guitarist Richard Lloyd, Dick Manitoba of the Dictators, Wayne/Jayne County of The Electric Chairs, Richard Hell of Television and other bands, Alan Vega of Suicide, Cheetah Chrome of The Dead Boys, sax player James Chance, Tommy Ramone, DNA drummer Ikue Mori, and Tom Verlaine.

Listening to Television

Danny Fields — an author and music industry executive important in the punk scene — called Television “the band of beauties.”