Band poster competition underway for 2013 Savannah Stopover

The 2013 Savannah Stopover is less than two months away and most of the lineup has been announced.

A couple of days ago, Stopover announced this year’s band poster competition.

From that announcement:

We welcome Savannah’s artists, photographers, graphic designers, painters, and printmakers, to be part of the festival by submitting their own designs for individual band posters. Check out the list of 2013 bands below, listen to their music on our homepage playlist, get inspired and go to it. You may submit as many different posters as you like.

There’s obviously a whole lot more on that page about various design specifications and submission guidelines. The top four posters will receive prizes, and the contest gives artists a chance for a little exposure.

And it’s fun.

A few pics from last year, when the posters were displayed on opening night at the Jepson Center.

Picture 120

Picture 118

Picture 119

This year they’ll be displayed — weather permitting — on opening night in the North Garden of the Ships of the Sea Museum.