Four months after crash, Baroness posts rehearsal video: “it’s time to get back to it”

In August, the band Baroness was involved in a terrible motor coach crash in Bath, England while touring.

Now, according to an upbeat post by John Baizley on the band’s website, the band is resurfacing:

Simply put: it’s time to get back to it. Since my belated and thankful return to the USA (after our painful test in motorcoach-aeronautics) i can definitively say i’ve exhausted my reserve of potential leisure activities (there’s not that many of them, after all). in recent weeks, i’ve come dreadfully close to boredom, and in those moments i can’t help but focus on my glaring physical infirmities.

Baizley, who suffered several serious breaks in the crash, has a lot more to say in that post about the slow process toward full recovery. Still, I’m sure fans around the world — as well as their many old friends and family here in Savannah — will be heartened by today’s news.

Paste has already picked up Baizley’s post and posted the following video, a rehearsal session of the new song “Stretchmarker”.

Baizley is on the left; his bandmate Pete Adams is on the right: