Ceschi, Mikal kHill at The Wormhole

“Am I too abstract for rap or am I too much of a rapper to write folk songs?”

That’s a line from “Count On It”, an introspective rap that Ceschi included in his short set at The Wormhole on Saturday night.

There was a small crowd — only a little better than his last trip in June 2011. It’s a frustrating puzzle. We have a small but dedicated hip hop scene in Savannah, but it’s tough — really tough — to get crowds out for acts that aren’t aren’t already well-known and that explore genres in novel ways.

Kedrick “Knife” Mack and Miggs Son gave some strong local support before turning the stage over to Mikal kHill from North Carolina. Before ripping into his set, kHill moved the tables and chairs closer to the stage to create a more intimate feel.

And then Ceschi moved them even closer, lured us to the front, had the lights dimmed, and launched into a great set — attacking his acoustic guitar, climbing on his chair, nearly falling off the stage, jumping up to queue up the next song on his laptop.

Great stuff. A couple of pics and a couple of Ceschi embeds:

Mikal kHill