Washington Post: Walkability increasingly important real estate market driver in DC area

From The Washington Post’s

Walkability increasingly drives developers and real estate market


“Walkable” is a feature sparking sales and energizing future development and redevelopment, according to a recent report by a George Washington University professor that calls the Washington area a national model for compact urban areas where residents can live and work without cars.

“The strongest housing market is in walkable urban areas,” says Christopher B. Leinberger, author of the report, “DC: The WalkUP Wake-Up Call.” “That’s where the demand is.”

The popularity of walkable neighborhoods is also reflected in real estate listings, according to local experts. One major residential real estate service, Zillow, even routinely includes “walk scores” in its listings. And many local real estate agents are quick to point out what is within walking distance of a property.

There’s an especially interesting quote in the article from a former Texas resident who has moved to D.C.:

“In Texas, you drive everywhere. . . . People would ask me, ‘How’s living in the big city?’ It seems counterintuitive, but it actually feels like we live in a small town. Being able to walk helps create a neighborhood feel.”

My Walk Score from www.walkscore.com

When I moved to my current home in Savannah, there were definitely a few walkable amenities, but the number has surged. Since I often bike for errands and trips that are just outside the zone for easy walking, there are many weekends when I’m able to leave the City Talk van parked — except for having to move it from one side of the street for streetsweeping.