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New Orleans’ St. Charles Avenue — a perfect street design for changing times

I was in New Orleans for a few days last week and traveled routinely on St. Charles Avenue. Cursory web searches didn’t turn up the date that St. Charles was first laid out, but it’s obviously a key connector that…

When it comes to biking and walking, Savannah is a tale of two cities

Thanks to Savannah Morning News reporter Eric Curl for his recent blog post Biking, walking website flunks Savannah. From that post: The average bike score given by the Walkscore.com was 48 out of 100, putting Savannah at 77 out of…

Allison Arieff in the NYT: Reading the City

Really great post by Allison Arieff, a design and architecture writer at the NYT: Reading the City – NYTimes.com

Washington Post: Walkability increasingly important real estate market driver in DC area

“‘Walkable’ is a feature sparking sales and energizing future development and redevelopment, according to a recent report by a George Washington University professor that calls the Washington area a national model for compact urban areas where residents can live and work without cars.”

Tom Vanderbilt, author of “Traffic”, on “The Crisis in American Walking”

Slate is in the midst of publishing a four-part series by Tom Vanderbilt, author of the acclaimed book Traffic, about pedestrianism — or just plain old walking — in America.

Vanderbilt’s opening from part one — The Crisis in American Walking; How we got off the pedestrian path — might be especially interesting to readers here in Savannah [. . .]