Heyrocco and Deep Search tonight at The Sparetime

I already wrote a post about this incredibly busy weekend of events, and now it’s even busier.

Tonight — Thursday — The Sparetime’s upstairs room will host the local Savannah band Deep Search and an excellent young band from Charleston: Heyrocco. The show had been booked a while ago, then canceled, but is now back on.

I’m not really familiar with Savannah-based Deep Search, although I did catch a couple of songs at their recent, high-energy set at No Control’s mini fall festival.

But I caught all of Heyrocco’s set at No Control, which was stunningly good, and I’ve listened to the up-and-coming trio’s latest album Comfort a number of times since. The tracks channel many moods and draw from many styles, but there’s a really satisfying cohesiveness to the whole effort.

Here are sample tunes:

And here are some pics I took at No Control. The first one is of Deep Search, but all the rest are Heyrocco.

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